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Because we want to help you make a difference for the environment, your NUTRITE Experts put together an instructional video series. No special effects, no actors, learn more about the unique expertise shared by our franchisees.
We think that after viewing our videos, you can fully enjoy the best your lawn has to offer. You will be able to take part in keeping your lawn green and healthy, better than ever.
Enjoy your popcorn…


Core aeration and top dressing

our lawn needs more than the fertilizer to be green healthy. Watch this video to learn more about the coring and topdressing and benefits associated with these services.




Mowing and grasscycling

What’s grasscycling? What’s the best mowing height? Learn all you need to know to grow a healthy lawn with this video.





Bugs and white grubs

Learn more about the 2 most popular insects that ravage our lawns. You will learn in this video how to identify and what to do to treat your lawn and prevent damage.





The establishment of a new lawn

You have just completed the construction of your home and you want to cover your facade with grass? Here's everything you need to know about planting a new lawn, the options available to you, what to do ??and most importantly, how to maintain it.


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