Seeds or Sod, Which is Best?

Whether you want to start a new lawn or repair a damaged lawn, it all boils down to the same question: should you sow seeds or lay sod? Although sowing seeds and cultivated sods are two effective ways to get a healthy, green lawn, each has their pros and cons.   Your Time, Your Money […]

The establishment of a new lawn

You have just completed the construction of your home and you want to cover your facade with grass? Here’s everything you need to know about planting a new lawn, the options available to you, what to do ??and most importantly, how to maintain it.


Pruning is essential and should be done once a year. How you prune will be affected by factors including the purpose of the tree (production or decoration), the type of tree (apple, cherry, plum), the type of rootstock, available space, and wind direction.

Protection of the planet also goes through YOUR lawn care

Experts throughout the world all come to the same alarming conclusion: If mankind continues to deteriorate the planet, its well-being will be threatened thirty to forty years from now. We must admit the planet environmental assessment isn’t very encouraging. The same experts also agree that human activities are largely responsible for the environmental decline and […]