An ecological approach

Here, our Nutrite Experts care about the planet. We asked ourselves what was the impact of our business activities pertaining to greenhouse gas emissions. That is why, this year, all our franchisees will be adopting a carbon-neutral approach.

What is carbon neutrality?

Adopting a carbon-neutral approach means that one tries to reduce as much as possible the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, by forming committees within our businesses to review our processes, optimizing transportation and travels, and launching initiatives that aim to replace the fossil fuel use by alternative green energies.

In collaboration with Coop Carbone, each franchisee is invited to fill out an evaluation grid about fossil fuel consumption. This survey focuses on the use of service vehicles and smaller motorized equipment, of heating per square foot, and of air conditioning in storage facilities and administration offices. From this analysis, our partners from Coop Carbone calculated how many tons of greenhouse gases are emitted in the course of our activities. Each franchisee then commits to disburse money to launch initiatives to plant trees, which proportionately compensate for our emissions. As for the franchisor, the Nutrite Experts Network® is equally committed to this responsible approach. We are proud to inform you that in 2021, 142 trees were planted and 2083.53 m2 of riparian zone was reforested in partnership with Arbre-Évolution. You can also launch initiatives in your region or community, by getting directly in touch with Arbre-Évolution.

Banning the use of plastic bottles in our vehicles

As part of our commitment, all employees connected to the Nutrite Experts Network® agreed to stop using plastic bottles in their vehicles. They now have reusable insulated bottles featuring both a Nutrite Experts Network® and carbon-neutral logo. These are concrete action to express how Nutrite Experts wish to make a difference and do what is right to actively protect our planet and transition to a zero carbon footprint. The goal is to ensure a healthy and green planet for future generations, all the while maintaining the network’s quality services across the province.

You are an environmentally conscious person?

That is a good thing because protecting the environment is our priority!