The Snow Pro winter protection cover

Protecting your lawn from harsh winter weather

Not only does the lawn cover protect your lawn from winter, it also makes spring clean-up so much easier. Using a winter protective cover helps the lawn to survive the cold season and to quickly grow green again the following spring.

Protective Cover Rental? The hassle-free solution!

With the Nutrite Experts Network®, tending to your lawn is a breeze. We now offer winter protective cover rentals and we take care of everything! Our comprehensive rental services include:

Our Snow Pro covers are high-quality lawn covers exclusively offered to our clients to protect your lawn from winter damage. Choose your preferred package, an annual or a 4-year package to opt in for this service.


Why Use Protective Covers this Winter?

In Quebec, harsh winters don’t treat our green lawns too kindly. Snowplows carry abrasive materials over your lawn, salt, gravel, and sand. These can cause serious damage to a lawn and delay regrowth in the spring. This is why more and more people use winter lawn covers. 

A properly winterized lawn is greener and healthier in the spring!