The members of the Nutrite Experts Network vow to limit their usage of greenhouse gas emission. Protecting the environment is a priority for our business, that is why we take on many projects to positively contribute to the improvement of the air quality we breathe.

Here are our recent initiatives:

More than 1,500 trees planted in Plessisville

As part of the Social Reforestation Program, a total of 1,510 trees were planted by the Arbre-Evolution team in six plots in the territory of the City of Plessisville. The project was made possible thanks to the financial support of four carbon offset partners.

1 200 trees planted thanks to the Nutrite Experts Network

In 2019, in collaboration with Arbres-Evolution, 1 200 trees were planted to compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions usage generated by the Nutrite Experts Network franchises.

Paspebiac launches a large reforestation project with Arbre-Evolution

Nutrite Gaspesie compensates its carbon
1364 trees were planted on a large piece of land located between the new sport complex and the Paspebiac High School. Under the supervision of the Arbre-evolution team, the planting was done in two days by 15 municipal employees, volunteers, a group of students from La Source school, and of course Arbre-evolution.