Nutrite advice

Winter protection tarps; good or bad for your lawn?

This year, be ready by preparing for the upcoming winter! It is well known that our Quebec winters can be hard on our green lawns. Products used by plows can be dangerous for your lawns. That is why more and more people use winter protection tarps. These have many benefits for your lawn. Here are […]

Infested or burnt lawns: how to tell them apart and fix them?

Do you have yellow spots on your lawn and don’t know what to do? Before repairing the damaged sections, be sure you know the cause of the damages. July’s droughts could have burnt your green lawn. However, this could also be an infestation of lawn bugs. Lawn bugs love July’s heat and their presence can […]

How to successfully seed your lawn

If your Nutrite expert just seeded your lawn, you can be happy because you’ll have a nice green lawn within a few weeks. Until then, know that there are things that you can do to help your land, including making sure the new seeds have enough water. Well, yes, successfully seeding your lawn does not […]

Automated lawn watering systems: good or bad?

Soon it’ll be vacation! It’d be a bummer to not be able to enjoy it as much as you can due to your lawn needing too much care.   We know there are a lot of chores to do in our yards in the summer. One of the secrets for a durable, green and healthier […]

5 good reasons to fertilize your lawn in the spring

Summer’s arrival brings along drought periods and heat! As much as we love this change, our lawns, on the other hand, deal with great stress when it comes to these extreme temperatures… It is important to take good care of it! Know that ground fertilization is a crucial step in the upkeep of your green […]

5 maintenance tips to do on your lawn in spring

Spring is a key time for your lawn since it is its wakening period. It is important for it to start its year healthy and on a good note. Warning! It is important to wait until the soil has dried before starting the following tasks. Here are tasks to complete on your lawn during spring […]

How to Keep Unwanted Critters Out of the Yard?

The end of summer is the favourite time of the year for the small wildlife such as moles, groundhogs, skunks and raccoons, digging holes about your yard. Most of the time, critters are harmless to us; yet, they can wreak havoc on a green lawn groomed to health. In this article, let us share our […]

DID YOU KNOW? 7 unheard facts you didn’t know about your lawn.

Did you know that grass often has a bad reputation? Some even consider it more polluting than beneficial. In reality, our green fields are fascinating and bring a lot of important benefits to our planet. Here are 7 unheard facts to prove it:     Grass is one of the biggest oxygen producers of the […]


Have you ever tried to mow your lawn for the first time in the spring just to realize your lawnmower wouldn’t start? Did you know this could be due to the way you stored it the previous fall? To avoid any damages to your lawnmower next spring, our experts share how to properly store your […]

How To Care For Your Lawn While On Vacation

It’s vacation time! Whether you’re going away for one week or more, your lawn will definitely not be part of the trip! Since it might miss you during your absence, it is necessary to take some precautions to ensure its well-being during your time away. In this article, we share our best tips for a […]