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At Nutrite Experts Network, we rely on close collaboration with our clients to maximize the results of your lawn care. Since your lawn is a living being that is constantly evolving due to climate changes, weed growth, the presence of insect pests, etc., we count on you to be our eyes on the ground and to quickly notify us of any changes in the condition of your lawn.

With our diagnostic tool, learn more about the possible causes of the problems observed on your lawn. Don’t forget to notify your Nutrite Expert quickly if you have a problem!

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Our expertise and your knowledge of the field to serve your lawn

Our mission statement could not be clearer: we are your ally for a healthy, long-lasting lawn! The important word to remember here: ally! Yes, we are the experts of your green spaces, but an expert is nothing without a good observer on the field. You are in charge of your lawn, you take good care of it, you know it from every angle, and you know how to detect problems when they arise. At Nutrite, we are here to help you. Our experts will come to your home, look at the signs and find the cause of your lawn problem. Yellow grass, weeds, diseases, grubs, chinch bugs and other lawn pests are no secret to us. We know how to identify and control them quickly so that you can have a healthy lawn again in no time.

For a healthy and durable lawn, team up with your Nutrite Expert

For a beautiful, long-lasting lawn, our expert services and treatments are essential, as is the regular maintenance you perform week after week. In fact, if you want to learn more about good cultural practices, including mowing, watering and fertilization, as well as the elements that threaten your lawn, such as diseases, drought and pests, consult the selection of articles offered. This information and the collaboration with your Nutrite Expert will ensure a strong and healthy lawn that you can enjoy all summer long.

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