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Natural PRO-EARTH program for the natural fertilization of your green areas

Application of corn gluten or natural fertilizer

Only NUTRITE Expert Network’s clients are provided with NUTRITE higher quality products. These made-in-Quebec fertilizers are designed by agronomists specialized in turf grass fertilizing. This is the reason why we can guarantee a green and healthy lawn for the whole family to enjoy.

The Natural PRO-EARTH program is for homeowners who are seeking natural fertilizing of their green space. This program includes two to four scheduled visits to spread corn gluten or a natural fertilizer. Every aspect is accomplished in compliance with current environmental standards.

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An eco-friendly technology




100% NATURAL with insect and weed control methods





Complete your lawn’s maintenance with one of our SERVICES PLUS solutions. Your NUTRITE Expert will provide advice according to your lawn’s needs. Here are some of our most popular services:


Core aeration

Loosens and aerates the soil to improve the water flow and nutrient absorption of your lawn.



Reduces soil acidity (by raising the pH level) and restores your lawn’s nutrient balance.



Reduces excessive thatch on your lawn to improve water and nutrient absorption.


White grub control

Provides great control with a long-lasting residual effect. The active component stays in the grass blades from 90 to 110 days, protecting your lawn against all egg-laying in the white grub’s life cycle.


Crab-grass control

The residual effect of our anti-crab-grass products can last a few months. Its application will also prevent a newly sown grass lawn from germinating in the spring.


Compost Spreading

Helps eliminate certain diseases and speeds up the breakdown of toxins in your lawn while increasing nutrient availability. Using compost improves the vitality and density of your lawn.


Injected Fertilizing for Trees and Shrubs

Injecting fertilizers in the root zone protects your trees and shrubs, which in turn helps them to play their role in greenhouse gas (GHG) sequestration.


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