Seeds or Sod, Which is Best?

Whether you want to start a new lawn or repair a damaged lawn, it all boils down to the same question: should you sow seeds or lay sod? Although sowing seeds and cultivated sods are two effective ways to get a healthy, druable lawn, each has their pros and cons.


Your Time, Your Money

Cultivated grass sods, also called “turf rolls”, provide a mature lawn almost right from the start. Despite being more expensive, sod is a quick way to have uniform grass.

Sowing seeds is definitely the most affordable solution. However, growing grass from seeds takes more time. It may take up to three years before sown lawn reaches sod maturity and density.

Apart from these time and money aspects, there are more pros and cons to consider when choosing between seeds or sod. Our Nutrite Experts did a little digging on the matter, here’s their insight:



Pros: Cons:
Almost instantly mature lawn.Because roots are already well developed, the lawn only needs a few weeks to take root.Cultivated grass is more resistant to weeds because it is already very dense.Its density is uniform. Turf rolls often consist of a single grass species (Kentucky bluegrass). Kentucky bluegrass is a vigorous grass, yet it requires a sunny location, frequent watering, and fertilizing. This type of sod is grown in fields with a regime high in fertilizers and water. Once in a backyard, these turf rolls may have a hard time acclimatizing to poor soil conditions or shaded areas. You must therefore feed sod adequately.Adding a layer of soil from sod can contribute to soil fragmentation and comprise normal water retention.Most expensive option!



Pros: Cons:
Sowing seeds does not require any specific skills or special equipment.This option is a great way to cover a large surface quickly.You get to choose the type of grass best suited to your location.Most affordable option! The main downside is the growth time.Avoid walking on a recently sown area.

Best of Both Worlds

Combining both methods can provide an interesting solution! Laying sod means you get to enjoy your yard right away. When sowing seeds, you can choose to add other grass plants to your lawn mix for extra diversity, which is a token of dense, healthy lawn all summer long!

The Nutrite Experts offer a seeding service to regenerate your lawn. This could come handy if you need to cover a large area or if your lawn has been damaged by white grubs, for example.

You still can’t decide? Ask one of our experts now. They will gladly shed some light on this matter!

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