3 Ecological Ways to Recycle Dead Leaves

Do you usually pick up dead leaves in the fall? Several people choose to take them and then dispose them in orange bags, which end up in the trash. If you want our advice, this method shouldn’t be allowed. We recommend to recycle them!

There are several simple and ecological ways to reuse dead leaves instead of sending them to the trash… in plastic bags. Here are 3 examples you may have not thought of.

  1. Compost

Dead leaves make an excellent ingredient for compost. Combined with scraps left from your garden and organic waste from the kitchen, they will decompose over the winter and will be ready to be used for your plants and vegetable gardens in the spring.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Pick up dead leaves on your land and if you can shred them.
  2. Put them in containers or bags that you can store away from rain and snow.
  3. Progressively add them in your compost as a dry ingredient. Ideally you will alter between a layer of organic waste and a layer of dead leaves (30 cm).

Warning! Not all leaves can be added to compost. Make sure they are healthy and free from parasites and diseases that would harm your decomposing organisms.

  • Garden vegetables

Did you know that dead leaves can protect your vegetables during winter?

Just lay a layer of dead leaves at the base of your plants. Make sure they do not go over 10 cm in height. If you live in a windy area, you can use a nylon net and put it on top of the leaves so they do not blow away.

During winter, the leaves will act as an isolating barrier for the roots of your plants. When snow melts, they will decompose into an organic matter which will in turn provide nutrients to your plants.

  • Create your own fertilizer

Good news: lawns can also benefit from dead leaves! Just mow over the dead leaves as they fall from your trees. The small pieces will decompose and will bring the necessary nutrients to protect your healthy lawn during the cold season.

You have to admit that it is easy to upkeep your land in an environmentally respectful way!

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