How to protect my lawn in winter?

WWith snowblowers, salt, and frost, your lawn does not have an easy life in winter! Damage can even be noticed come spring time. In this article, our experts teach you what to do to maximize your chances of having a durable and healthy lawn in the spring.

1. Prevent damages caused by plows and s

If you use a snow removal company, it is possible you’ve noticed big grass spots ripped out from your land once the snow melted. As they open driveways, plows frequently damage the borders of your lawn.

The best method of prevention to avoid these tools digging out the borders of your grass is to clearly label perimeters so zones to plow and those not to plow are clear for the operator.

During winter after a large accumulation of snow, it’s possible that your marking poles will be buried. Don’t hesitate to replant them, as this is when the limits of your lawn become unknown for the operator, which will lead to damages despite his good intentions.

2. Prevent damages caused by defrosting products.

Abrasive products can be very damaging to your lawn. Not only can it dry and burn it, but it can also accumulate in the ground and prevent your grass from getting necessary nutrients it needs for growth. It’s super important to protect it from those!

To prevent damages relating to defrosting products, here are 4 things you can do:

  1. Opt for ecological alternatives that are efficient to get rid of ice in your driveway! Some alternative products that are more natural like sand, alfalfa meal, cat litter, or even coffee grinds have anti-slip properties that work very well.
  2. Avoid ice buildup in your driveway by shoveling snow often. Therefore, less abrasive products will be needed.
  3. Prevent concentrated salt areas in the ground and burnt yellow spots on your lawn by diversifying locations where you leave your shoveled snow.
  4. In the fall before snowfall, install winter protection to create a physical barrier between filthy snow and your lawn. If there still isn’t any snow in your area, it’s still time to take advantage of our Snow Pro cover rentals, exclusively for our customers. Ask for info quickly with your franchise.

By following these tips, you should be able to protect your lawn against all the damages winter can bring.

If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to communicate with the Nutrite Expert of you region.

Happy winter!