5 maintenance tips to do on your lawn in spring

Spring is a key time for your lawn since it is its wakening period. It is important for it to start its year healthy and on a good note. Warning! It is important to wait until the soil has dried before starting the following tasks.

Here are tasks to complete on your lawn during spring time!

1. Land Cleanup

It’s spring cleaning time! It is necessary to rake your lawn to remove yellow stems and the dead leaves remaining. This cleanup will allow your grass to breathe better and get healthier faster.

2. Restoring lawns

A rigorous winter can damage your lawn. Here is how you can prevent weeds from invading damaged spots:

  • Airing out – make a hole in the soil to decompress and oxygenate. Privilege this step if you see that water is not penetrating the soil well or if it is hard. Airing out will allow better drainage of water from rain.
  • Add soil – Add a small layer of soil on your lawn. Generally less than 1 cm is enough. You can use compost, garden soil, or peat moss.
  • Seeding – Spread generously new grass seeds on your lawn.

Do you know the pencil test? To verify if your soil needs to be aired out, poke a pencil 10 cm deep into the soil. if you have trouble pushing it in, your soil needs it!

3. Soil fertilization

Even though sunlight and water provide some nutrients your grass needs a lot of others minerals to grow well. These minerals are not provided in sufficient quantities in the soil. You will make this up by adding fertilizer.

It is important to not fertilize too soon in the spring. According to regions and climate conditions, this step is to be done sometimes in the month of May.

To know which fertilizer to use, we recommend that you ask our experts. You can also confide the task to your Nutrite Experts network franchise that will run appropriate tests to know what type of fertilizer will be the best for the most durable and healthier lawn. Remember that a healthy lawn is more resistant to diseases, weeds, insects, and Mother nature’s severe weather.

4. Mowing your lawn

The height to privilege during your first mow of the season is around 5 cm, for this time only. This height facilitates cleaning and allows the soil to warm up faster, which will enhance growth.

5. Weed treatment

It is possible that during spring you’ll notice that there is a growth of weeds. To get rid of them for good, we recommend that you ask an expert for advice before starting on your own. You’ll put all chances on your side to eliminate the problem once and for all!

For more tips, communicate with our experts starting now!