Why is soil injection best for fertilizing trees and shrubs?

Like lawns, trees and shrubs need nutrients to maintain good growth. Over time, the soil can become depleted and no longer provide them with the necessary nutrients. To avoid such a situation, we recommend soil injection for their fertilization!

What is tree fertilization by injection?

Injection fertilization is a method that consists of injecting fertilizer at the root level of the tree. The liquid fertilizer is specially formulated for slow release, ensuring complete and balanced fertilization to trees and shrubs throughout the season.

Unlike other fertilization methods, root level injection targets the area where the root mass is found, reducing losses due to runoff. It is recommended to do this at least once a year, either in the spring or fall for optimal growth.

The benefits of fertilization by injection

Thanks to this service offered by your Nutrite Expert, trees and shrubs have all the nutrients they need. Fertilizer injections also bring its share of benefits: plants are stronger and more resistant to certain diseases and insect infestations, thus promoting their role in the recovery of greenhouse gases (GHG). Note that it is particularly essential for fruit trees to ensure good fruit production!

In addition, fertilizing by injection in the spring season allows a stronger and faster recovery. Conversely, doing it in the fall allows plants to store up strength to better withstand winter and the potential damage that the season can cause.

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