Automated lawn watering systems: good or bad?

Soon it’ll be vacation! It’d be a bummer to not be able to enjoy it as much as you can due to your lawn needing too much care.

We know there are a lot of chores to do in our yards in the summer. One of the secrets for a durable and healthier lawn is watering! We must not forget this part.

 A badly watered lawn is a vulnerable lawn.


If your lawn has already yellowed, don’t worry- it will not stay like this forever! In fact, during a drought or during irrigation, roots let their tips die to stay alive. It then uses the remaining droplets in the soil to conserve itself until the next rain.

Although your lawn can survive a drought, it becomes more vulnerable to foot traffic, weeds and bug infestations when it’s not irrigated properly. When it runs out of water, roots stop growing and are in survival more! They then stop defending themselves.

If your lawn runs out of water for too long it will cave to the damages, it’ll be harder to fix the situation. It’s possible that some lawn sections will die and that you’ll need to replace them. Bad irrigation can end up being costly in time and money.

Don’t get to the point where you’re looking to save your lawn. Our experts are offering a simple and efficient way to water your lawn all summer, without needing to much time.


 Automated watering systems to the rescue!

Automated Watering systems are an efficient way to fully enjoy the summer season! They allow you to have a nicer healthy lawn more easily.

With these systems, you can program the amount of water distributed, the time, frequency, and length of watering. Some even allow sprinklers to have precise determined angles to avoid watering driveways or sidewalks. Thanks to automated watering systems, you can expect to save water up to 15 to 30% compared to traditional systems!

Warning, each soil is different. That is why each of the  listed functions are programmed according to different factors, including which region you live in, the health of the soil, and the relief of your land. Obviously, even though the system is automated, make sure you know your municipal rules on good watering techniques and respect them.

Finally, if you see abnormalities on your lawn, such as yellow sections or growth of weed, even with sufficient water, contact your local Nutrite Expert. Surely, they will know good tips to help your lawn stay nice all summer!

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Enjoy your summer!