Carbon neutrality: How to reduce out ecological footprint daily


It’s time for resolutions! The moment has come where we reflect on the past year and to envision the upcoming new year with a positive mindset, more importantly on how we can improve. How about your environmental actions? Do you intent to reduce your ecological footprint in the next year? It’s been said for a long time: every step, no matter how small, helps improve the destiny of our planet. Recuperating, reusing, recycling, composting, purposeful consumption choices, gardening… everything counts, even on the smallest scale. We all have the responsibility to limit our greenhouse gas emission. Businesses also can play a huge role in bettering the quality of our air, water, and soil, to offer a healthier environment than yesterday for generations to come. Some are already very much involved and work hard to better their uses. Carbon neutrality, what does it mean to you?

What is carbon neutrality?

To become carbon neutral, a business first makes the choice to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that they produce as much as they can, then they compensate in many ways like planting trees, for those who could not be saved. To get there, the business can optimize movement and prioritize projects that allow them to replace the used fossil energy by green energy and therefore diminish their ecological footprint as much as possible.

Did you know that the Nutrite Experts Network has committed to becoming a responsible business and being carbon neutral for a few years already? In fact, with the collaboration of COOP Carbone, the franchise along with all franchisees have committed to positively revising their practices and putting eco-responsible practices in place such as:

The environmental roles of grass

Often considered as a second-rate plant, a monoculture very demanding in water, inputs, fertilizers and pesticides, lawns are quietly regaining its letters of nobility. A durable lawn that does not look perfect, but perfectly plays its beneficial and useful role, offers a number of benefits for human health and the environment. On top of garnishing our green spaces and offering a safe play space, grass allows for water retention from rain and less erosion in the ground. It also helps to regulate temperatures during heat waves. A properly maintained and fertilized lawn is proven to release 50% less phosphorus gases through runoff than an unfertilized lawn. This study by Laval University clearly shows that lawns are an essential part of our ecosystem, mainly in urban areas, and that reasoned fertilization allows turf to reach its full environmental potential. It is therefore very important to take care of it and provide it with adequate maintenance and fertilization every year. Your Nutrite Expert is therefore a valuable ally to help you make a good environmental gesture by taking care of your lawn, which will also allow you to strive for greater carbon neutrality.

What about product quality, in all of this?

All the lawn maintenance products used at Nutrite Experts’ Network follows the pesticide code of the Quebec government and the concerning municipal rules on all Quebec territory. Made in Quebec, our fertilizer is exclusive and create by agronomists that specialize in lawn fertilizers. Guaranteed to contain no phosphorus gases, these fertilizers have a weak impact on our environment and allow you to obtain a durable and healthy lawn that the entire family can use. Our control products are also exempt from glyphosate.

It is collaboratively that we can make a difference. Everyone has a role to play. That is why the Nutrite Experts Network counts on your collaboration to revise your habits and minimize your ecological footprint as well. Your role as a customer is to contribute to carbon neutrality by making small changes like:

-lower pollution by changing spark plugs on your lawnmower often.

-opt for an electrical mower or another source that does not use gasoline.

-respect watering rules asked by your town or municipality during heat waves.

The environment is at the heat of our priorities at the Nutrite Experts Network and that is the reason why it is important, even crucial, to make a difference for out planet and our customers. For even more details on our commitment to carbon neutrality visit this video:

The Nutrite Experts Network is proud to be your “Carbon Neutral” ally for a durable and healthy lawn.

Thank you for your trust!