DID YOU KNOW? 7 unheard facts you didn’t know about your lawn.

Did you know that grass often has a bad reputation? Some even consider it more polluting than beneficial. In reality, our green fields are fascinating and bring a lot of important benefits to our planet. Here are 7 unheard facts to prove it:     Grass is one of the biggest oxygen producers of the […]


Have you ever tried to mow your lawn for the first time in the spring just to realize your lawnmower wouldn’t start? Did you know this could be due to the way you stored it the previous fall? To avoid any damages to your lawnmower next spring, our experts share how to properly store your […]

How To Care For Your Lawn While On Vacation

It’s vacation time! Whether you’re going away for one week or more, your lawn will definitely not be part of the trip! Since it might miss you during your absence, it is necessary to take some precautions to ensure its well-being during your time away. In this article, we share our best tips for a […]

Dandelions: Turning Residential Lawns Into a Carpet of Yellow

Spring is the time when many gratefully welcome the return of sunny days. This also marks the return of a yellow flower, same sunny colour, different welcome, the dandelion. Dandelions Everywhere Dandelion, from French dent de lion, is a sun loving perennial and earned its name from its notched leaves resembling the teeth of a […]

6 Backyard Tasks You Must Add to Your To-do List Before the Winter

Whether you are ready to hear this or not, winter is coming our way. As naturally as you would for your car, your clothes—and your mind! —, your lawn needs to get ready for the cold season. Here are six maintenance tasks and preventive measures to maximize your chances of getting a healthy, green lawn […]

The Reason Why Fertilizing Your Lawn in the Fall Matters

Many consider fertilizing the lawn a spring task; however, it’s not the only time. Although, summer has come and gone and the lawn is about to go into dormancy, fall fertilizing is just as important, if not more than in the spring. In this article, our Nutrite Experts explain all you need to know about […]

Core aeration and top dressing

our lawn needs more than the fertilizer to be green healthy. Watch this video to learn more about the coring and topdressing and benefits associated with these services.

Mowing and grasscycling

What’s grasscycling? What’s the best mowing height? Learn all you need to know to grow a healthy lawn with this video.