Annual Lawn Maintenance Package – Experts Network NUTRITE.

Fertilize your lawn on four occasions.

The EARTHPRO Program is our flagship fertilizing program.  This package translates into a four (4) application fertilizing program performed during the active growth season. It includes, where municipal regulations will allow, treatments against weeds and hairy chinch bugs living on the surface.

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The annual package includes the following services :

  • End of April to mid-June
  • Spreading of Nutrite organomineral fertilizer
  • Weed control management*
  • Notes taken by the technician about the yard’s general state
  • Mid-June to mid-July
  • Spreading of NUTRITE organomineral fertilizer
  • Weed control and chinch bug management*
  • Verification of grass height and recommandations sent to the client by e-mail
  • Mid-July to mid-August
  • Spreading of NUTRITE organomineral fertilizer (With low nitrogen levels to minimize lawn surface damage during heat waves)
  • Weed control and chinch bug management*
  • Soil pH level verification
  • In cases of heat waves, clients receive horticultural alerts and recommandations
  • In September
  • Spreading of an iron rich soluble fertilizer
  • Spreading of LIME OR CORE AERATION depending on the chosen program or additional services
  • Weed control*
  • Notes taken by the technician about the yard’s general state

With your Loyalty package, you can ask for any additional service. Whether it is coring, liming, dethatching, or extra care for your trees and shrubs, we provide all you may need to take care of your environment.

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Annual Lawn Maintenance Package – Experts Network NUTRITE. Fertilize your lawn on four occasions. The EARTHPRO Program is our flagship…

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Services PLUS


Your lawn had a tough winter? Our experts can give it its life back by overseeding to regenerate your lawn and fill in areas that have been damaged or bare from the frost, insects, or diseases.

Fertilization through injection of trees and shrubs

Sometimes, trees and shrubs need a little extra boost to regain their vitality. Thanks to the Service + package, your vegetation will have all the nutrients they need. The injection of fertilizer done through the roots allows the protection of your trees and shrubs thus favouring their role in the recycling of greenhouse gases.

Spreading of compost

If your lawn is in dire need of a boost, compost helps to eliminate certain diseases and speeds up the degradation of toxins, all the while increasing the availability of nutrients. The use of compost increases your lawn’s vitality and density.

Crab-grass management

Your lawn has been taken over by this undesirable weed. Our experts detect the affected areas and will take charge of removing it. The residual effect of our anti-crab grass products can last several months thus providing a more effective control.

White grub control

White grub love the sandier soils in Québec. Our experts will eliminate them for you. Our techniques offer remarkable residual control. The active material remains on the blade of grass for 90–110 days, thus protecting it during the entire egg laying cycle.


Sometimes, organic residues present on a lawn’s surface do not decompose quickly enough and can quickly take over. Dethatching reduces the amount of thatch on your lawn thus allowing it to absorb water and nutrients better.


The application of lime reduces the soil’s pH levels thus helps the soil find its biological balance, which favours the spreading of grass and the exchange of nutrients between the surface and the roots.


Process whereby our experts make holes in the ground by removing small quantities of soil. Coring loosens the soil, allowing water and nutrients contained in the fertilizer to better penetrate in the soil and favours deeper rooting.