The importance of a good soil for a durable and healthier lawn

We can all agree that our lawns have had it rough this summer. However, despite the serious droughts that Quebec has had not all lawns were damaged at the same level; some looked much better than others, but why?

The soil is there for a reason!

Yes, maybe some owners may have cheated and watered their lawns against some restrictions… but we know that the quality of soil for grass can make a huge difference!

Here are four rules that all good homeowners should know:

  1. Good soil before anything

Did you know that lawns should never be installed on filling soil? Sadly, we see this error often during the installation of lawns!

Having a durable and healthier lawn on poor quality soil is not easy. First, you should invest in good lawn soil. This soil has been mixed in function for lawns to provide good nutrients and contains all elements needed for a more resistant lawn.

Our tip: Drop 15-20 cm of lawn soil on top of the filling soil and your lawn will have no problems resisting Mother Nature’s temperatures.

  • What if I already have a lawn?

If you wish to recover a lawn that seems weak, the best way to proceed depends on its condition! If it is alright, you’ll most likely be able to recover it by covering it with 2 cm of lawn soil to which you’ll have added a good quantity of good quality grass seeds. However, if it’s in a very poor situation it may be better to start over.

If you have done some work on your lawn, we recommend to do it in the fall since the conditions are ideal in this period. It’s also possible to do it in the spring.

  • Choose a good variety of grass

Whether you are seeding for the first time or reseeding, it’s important to choose a good variety of grass. Many people use classic seeds for grass which are composed of only Kentucky bluegrass. It’s visually pleasing sure but these seeds are pretty vulnerable to harsh temperatures. It’s better to opt for grass with a minimal upkeep made with all kinds of grass seeds!

  • Prevention before anything

The key to success for a durable and healthier lawn: Prevention. When you see your lawn not looking so great, we suggest you take care of it by doing some upkeep work needed. Some ventilation work, topdressing, and over seeding fertilization should be done regularly to avoid important damages to come.

If this work seems to be too hard, great news: our experts can help!

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