Winter protection tarps; good or bad for your lawn?

This year, be ready by preparing for the upcoming winter!

It is well known that our Quebec winters can be hard on our healthy lawns. Products used by plows can be dangerous for your lawns. That is why more and more people use winter protection tarps. These have many benefits for your lawn.

Here are 3 good reasons to use winter protection tarps on your lawns:

  1. It allows your lawn to better resist cold temperatures so it gets healthier faster in the spring. In fact, by avoiding the direct contact of snow with your lawn, you create a stable temperature and prevent extreme cold temperatures to burn the grass.
  2. It protects your lawn from the grime left by plow trucks like salt, gravel, and sand. These elements damage grass and delay regrowth after snow melts.
  3. They facilitate spring cleanup greatly. In fact, it retains the salt, gravel, and sand, which avoids having to rake for long hours on the first few nice days of spring.

How to choose and install your winter protection tarps

Choosing the tarp- There are several types of winter protection tarps. Some are adapted for trees, plants, and others for lawns. You must make sure that you a tarp made specifically for lawns as its composition has an important impact on its efficiency. The tarps used by the Nutrite experts are custom cut to adapt your land. Not only are they more esthetic, but they cover your surface more efficiently.

Installing the tarp- Ideally the tarp should be put in place when the first frosts happen or even after the first snowfall since your lawn needs the contact with the sun for as long as possible to better prepare for winter. Also it needs to be made sure that the tarp will stay in place all winter! Nutrite Experts use solid and discreet anchorages that are adapted for the dimensions of the tarp. This makes sure they do not move throughout the winter season.

Removing the tarp- Finally, don’t delay taking off your tarp at the arrival of spring. It must be done as soon as the snow has melted, this is because the sun will heat up the tarp where there is no snow left and could possible burn your lawn.

Rental services for winter protection tarps

The Nutrite Experts Network facilitates this chore, contact your experts starting today to benefit from the Pro-Neige service and we will be happy to take care of your lawn while changing seasons!

A lawn that is winterized will be more durable and healthier!

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