Infested or burnt lawns: how to tell them apart and fix them?


Do you have yellow spots on your lawn and don’t know what to do? Before repairing the damaged sections, be sure you know the cause of the damages.

July’s droughts could have burnt your healthy lawn. However, this could also be an infestation of lawn chinch bugs.

Lawn bugs love July’s heat and their presence can cause important damages for your lawn. Sometimes some even have to replace their entire lawn if it’s not treated properly.

How to differentiate damages caused by droughts or lawn bugs on your lawn?

There are simple clues that can help you determine what’s causing the spots.


  • Yellow spots are often spread out on a large section of your lawn;
  • You can often still see green by the roots;
  • It seems less yellow after rain.

Lawn Bugs:

  • The spots are often isolated and do not cover a large area;
  • There is no green pigment on the stems of the grass;
  • The lawn next to the spots seems green and not dry;
  • Watering the spots does not help.
Did you know it’s possible to see lawn bugs? During a hot day, you can check between healthy and yellow spots of your lawn, if you spread out the grass you could see adult black bugs or red larvae.

How to fix heat damage?

If your lawn has yellowed because of heat, don’t worry it’s possible to fix it!

During a drought, roots let their ends die to stay alive. They use the remaining droplets in the soil to conserve it until the next rain comes. The lawn isn’t dead, just sleeping.

The solution to bring back its durable and healthy look: give it water! We recommend you water it at least 2 hours per week. If its state does not get better, water it longer. It should be healthy again in no time. Make sure you are respecting municipal town laws regarding watering!

How to get rid of lawn bugs in your lawn?

Obviously, if you have lawn bug problems you must get rid of them before seeding over it.

Sadly, it is hard to do a homemade treatment that is efficient in preventing the return of lawn bugs. The ideal way is to use a business for lawn treatment that know methods and products authorized by the Environment ministry of Quebec, like Nutrite Experts!

Please note that it is possible for one treatment to not eliminate all bugs. In this case the process must be completed a second time at the beginning of the following summer.

Some tricks help prevent lawn bugs from coming back on your property like:

  • Keep the length of your lawn higher;
  • Dethatching, because lawn bugs can hide in thatch;
  • Fertilize the soil, especially when temperatures are high.

How to repair yellowed lawns?

Once you have identified what is causing the spot and treated your lawn, you can reseed the yellow sections, if necessary. We highly recommend you fertilize your soil to have a durable and healthier lawn!

Need more tips to fix insect problems? Talk to one of our experts! They are specialized in this subject!