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protection de la planeteExperts throughout the world all come to the same alarming conclusion: If mankind continues to deteriorate the planet, its well-being will be threatened thirty to forty years from now. We must admit the planet environmental assessment isn’t very encouraging. The same experts also agree that human activities are largely responsible for the environmental decline and what we now call global warming.

What to do?
Despite the seriousness of the situation, great specialists studying the case estimate that important political and practices changes could still reverse the tendency. However, our behaviours must change quickly and completely. Faced with these huge environmental problems, some might have the reaction to hide in their backyard and forget the worries of the world. Except that, Your lawn is precisely a place where you can begin an immediate and positive contribution towards the health of the planet. We mostly must stop thinking that the problem is too big for solutions. Our planet’s health is similar to manner lessons given in schools a few years ago: It was good for everybody. This everybody include everyone who gardens. If every one who has a 60 X 100' lot would make the effort of posing environmental gestures, it would clearly be an improvement.

Many simple gestures
In a general manner, it is proven that plant lovers are more sensitive to the beauties of nature, and therefore open to adopt maintenance habits that will have a positive effect on the environment. For example, owners who know the advantages of organic gardening for the environment will not hesitate to use manual instead of gas tools. Remember that a gas lawnmower produces as much pollution in an hour as a car travelling a distance of 563 kilometres.

On an ecological point of view, reducing Your water consumption in the garden is also very sensitive. According to Environment Canada, there is a 50% increase in our water consumption during the summer season, mainly due to our horticultural activities. However, there are many easy and sensible way of minimizing water supply:

  • Water your lawn early in the morning instead of mid-afternoon when the sun evaporates more water.
  • Less frequent but in depth watering is more effective for the lawn.
  • With more and more heat waves, decorate your flower bed with plants that can easily tolerate dryness. Moreover, in our coming plants columns, we will soon give you good suggestions on how to simplify your lives during the hot periods of summer.

Yes you can do something natural for YOUR environment

People who behave responsibly
Should you fell like leaving Your lawn and tree care to a real specialist, don’t hesitate to choose Experts Network NUTRITE. With its 3 EARTHPRO programs exceeding the latest environmental standards in Québec, you will rest assured that you have a healthy lawn.

The Experts Network NUTRITE is well aware of the importance of taking a healthy and balanced approach to maintaining Your lawn. For him, it’s doing something natural for YOUR environment! Making a gesture on a global scale.

planter et entretenir un arbreThe popularity of green spaces and the growing concern of citizens to enhance the quality of their environment bring many of them to identify the tree as the first factor to improve urban landscape. Besides adding a touch of beauty to our surroundings, the tree gives us many advantages: shade, intimacy, a higher value of our property and shelter and food for the birds. Further more, the tree also contributes to the health of our planet. It cleans the air by manufacturing oxygen, by storing carbon and by recycling the humidity of the atmosphere.
For example, thanks to photosynthesis, a broad-leaved tree yearly absorbs 2 to 5 tons of carbonic acid gas and produces up to 100 kilos of oxygen. Finally, the tree helps to prevent the erosion of soil, modify the temperature and act as a wind barrier.
In brief, planting a tree is not only a nice thing to do but also a personal way of improving Your environment.

Time for planning
The biological needs of a tree, its form and its height at maturity, and its function in your landscaping make it possible to determine the best species to plant on a given site. When this stage is reached, it is necessary for you to think of its maintenance. This is when the specialists at Experts Network NUTRITE become your best ally to ensure the full health of Your tree. The tree will be there for generations to enjoy; this is why it is important to imagine the space it will occupy in 10 years. When we think of all the advantages that you get in a tree, it is a wise decision to call upon the professionals of Experts Network NUTRITE.

Stages of plantation

  • If you buy a tree in a container, it should be kept in its pot until the moment to plant it. In the case of a tree with naked roots, avoid exposing the roots to the sun or the wind.
  • Dig a hole twice the width of the container or the rootball, with the same depth.
  • The quality of soil in the hole must be damp without being wet.

A tree also contributes to the health of our planet.

Prendre soin de son arbre

  • If your ground makes it possible for water to drain easily, abundantly water the tree twice per week for the first two or three months and weekly thereafter for the first year. Make sure that the roots never dry.
  • If Your ground contains a lot of clay, water a little less.
  • Put a tutor in order to protect it from the winds. Remove it at the end of approximately two years.
  • Be aware that Your tree will need fertili-zers to develop and stay healthy. Once again, Your Experts Network NUTRITE specialist is able to advise you on how to nourish Your tree. As mentioned earlier, a healthy tree contributes to the recycling of greenhouse gases. Isn’t this a beautiful way of making a gesture on a global scale? Future gene-rations will thank you.

By planting at least one tree per year, you’re helping improve the structure of Your life.

tonte de la pelouseMowing is an important part oflawn care. The following tips will help you to have a healthy and beautiful lawn:

  • Always mow the top third ofthe grass. For example, if the grass is 9 cm high, cut 3 cm and leave 6 cm.
  • Don’t cut your grass too short. The ideal height is 7 to 8 cm (3 inches).
  • Of course, mowing frequency depends on lawn growth. In general, lawns should be mowed once a week.
  • If there aren’t too manyweeds, leave the clippings on the lawn, because they contain nutrients. However, if you have weeds, be sure to remove the clippings, otherwise the weeds will spread even faster.
Your Lawn’s Two Greatest Enemies: Chinch Bugs and Grubs

Chinch bugs and grubs caus emajor damage to lawns every year.

Here is the easiest way to find out if your lawn has chinch bugs: Remove both ends of a tin can to form a cylinder. Press the cylnde rupright into the lawn and fill itwith water. Wait for a few minutes. If there are chinch bugs in your lawn, they will rise to th ewater's surface. Repeat the same test in several different locations.

To check for grubs, look for any discoloured areas on the lawn. Another sign that should raise concern is birds or small animal strying to dig into the soil, which is unusual. This typically means they are looking for grub larvae.

If you suspect that you have grubs or chinch bugs in your lawn, please contact us immediately. Our specialists can offer you solutions that are safe for you and the environment.

carottageCore Aeration basically consists of decompacting the soil. This makes it easier for water, oxygen, and nutrients to penetrate the soil and feed the lawn.

Top Tips
  • The following signs mean that your lawn needs to be well aerated: rainfall or sprinkler water stays on the surface for a long time, the lawn looks sparse even with all the good care it receives, and there are always weeds despite regular weeding.
  • The plugs of soil removed during the core aeration processs hould be left on the lawn. After a few days, they will disappear completely.
  • Once again, the benefits of core aeration are decompacted soil, deeper roots, soil oxygenation, and improved water infiltration.
Mycorrhizae: another way to ensure proper growth of your plants

Many new and effective products are now available to help gardeners ensure proper growth of their plants and lawns. One such product that yields impressive results is mycorrhizae, which is simply microscopic fungi that are added at the roots of plants.

Studies show that these fungi make it possible for plants to better absorb water and the nutrients present in the ground.

This revolutionary product promotes better rooting, leading to remarkable growth. Because mycorrhizae create stronger roots, your plants and lawn also benefit from improved tolerance to heat.

Mycorrhizae products work in perfect harmony with the environment. Yet another great solution from your Experts Network NUTRITE professionals, the lawn care experts.

For vigorous plants, there's nothing better than oxygenated compost tea

Informed gardeners know that compostis a fantastic substance. Now there is something even better: oxygenated compost tea. Experts say this tea is perfect for vigorous and healthy growth. This product completes the role of compost in the fertilization process by distributing soil enhancers containing nutrients that are quickly assimilated by plants.

Oxygenated compost tea is a liquid solution made by steeping high quality compost in water, for surprisingly good results.

Oxygenated compost tea from Experts Network NUTRITE helps eliminate certain leaf diseases and protects against plant parasites.

Oxygenated compost tea--yet another solution from your Experts Network NUTRITE professionals.

About liming

  • Applying lime to your lawn reduces soil acidity and helps restore the soil’s nutrient balance. It’s an easy way to grow a healthier lawn.
  • A pH (acid level of your soil) of 6.5 to 7 is standard for lawns.
  • Never apply lime without a soil analysis. Also, remember that a soil analysis from last year or the year before is of no use.
  • Contrary to popular belief, having moss and/or fungi is not necessarily a sign of acidity.
  • When you correct the pH level of your soil by applying lime, you ensure fertilizers are more readily absorbed and promote the development of beneficial microorganisms that improve the thickness and colour of your lawn.


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